Personal Injury Claims-Accidents on Construction Sites

Construction sites pose a large variety of risks, making the possibility of an accident quite high. Builders often work at height, which presents the obvious danger of falling, or other employees on the same site may encounter the risk of falling objects whilst they themselves work at ground level. Construction workers may be obliged to […]

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Personal Injury Claims- Farm Accidents

Farms are regarded as notoriously hazardous places of work because not only are employees obliged to work around lots of different machinery, they are also working in a busy environment and with unpredictable animals. Indeed, it is not only farm workers who suffer accidents at farms: children and members of the public can also be […]

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Solicitors Lien- A Warning

Solicitors Lien – a word of Warning. The Guide to Professional Conduct of Solicitors in Ireland, 2nd Edition, deals with the provisions that apply in relation to a Solicitors Lien. In short, when a file is being transferred from a former Solicitor, to the current Solicitor, the former Solicitor is entitled to exercise a Lien […]

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The dangers of untreated footpaths

HAVE YOU FALLEN ON AN UNTREATED FOOTPATH? If you have fallen on an untreated pavement and sustained an injury you will be aware of the upset and the expense this can cause. Whether or not you can be compensated for this is not a straightforward answer. There is an unfounded fear that actually doing something […]

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Road Traffic Accients-Keeping your eye on the road is no longer enough

Traffic accidents An accident is defined as a traffic accident if it occurs on a road or in a place to which the public have access. This can include footpaths and bridleways. If you are injured in a road traffic accident – whether it is simple bruising and whiplash, or something more serious it is […]

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Personal Injury Claims-What you need to know

What is a Personal Injury Claim? A personal Injury is defined in the Civil Liability Act 1961 as ‘including any disease and any impairment of a person’s physical and mental condition.’ Clearly this is a very wide definition. Types of Injury They types of injury which constitute claims for compensation are wide and varied. They include: […]

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THE Chief Justice has appealed to the Government to promote mediation as an alternative to costly court litigation. Mr Justice John Murray said such a move would generate social and economic savings. The Chief Justice speaking last night at the launch of the DSBA family lawyer mediation service, said that the Department of Justice, Equality […]

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CONSUMERS who suffer food poisoning from contaminated products that breach EU safety standards or people overcharged for services by price-setting cartels should be able to take class-actions to recover their losses, according to the European Commission. They estimate consumers lose out on more than €20 billion a year in compensation from price-fixing and similar arrangements […]

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Slips and Trips-Dangers in the workplace

One in five people who slip and trip at work are absent for over a month, according to the Health and Safety Authority. The authority has just issued a new guide for employers to try to eradicate these accidents since they account for just under half of all awards against employers by the Injuries Board. […]

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