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Personal Injury Questions

  • Take Photographs

    If you have a mobile telephone with a camera or a camera in your vehicle. Take photos to support your Personal Injury Claim.

  • Doctor?

    Please attend your Doctor or Local A&E Department just to be sure.

  • Witness details

    If you can try to get


    Address •

    Telephone Number •

  • Liability

    Many people will be surprised to learn that it is actually very often a condition of their Insurance Policy not to admit liability following an accident.

  • Leaving the scene

    If someone has been injured you should remain at the accident scene until the Gardai arrive.

Car Accident Questions

  • Had an Accident?

    If you have been involved in a collision, we know what a stressful experience this can be. Regardless of the circumstances, we are here to help.

  • Not at fault?

    We can advise you on all of these services to you free of charge as we recover the costs from the Insurance Company representing the driver who was at fault.

  • Medical Review

    You should NEVER settle a claim for personal injuries without the benefit of a medical report and independent legal advice.

  • Stop?

    A driver involved in a traffic accident should stop whether or not the accident was their fault.

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