If you have fallen on an untreated pavement and sustained an injury you will be aware of the upset and the expense this can cause.
Whether or not you can be compensated for this is not a straightforward answer. There is an unfounded fear that actually doing something positive to help the situation will result in claims being made.
The irony is that clearing the foopath, in itself, is unlikely to lead to a claim. It will in most cases prevent any falls from happening unless it is done in a haphazard and negligent way.
If you have fallen on ice it will be unlikely for you to take a successful action against the Local Authority. However you should not confuse the situation with ice causing a fall and some other reason, as you may be entitled to make a claim caused by a defect in the footpath. You should also consider the differences when your fall or trip was in a privately owned property rather than a public place. The important thing to do is to seek advice in relation to your rights.